2009 saw the first of many multicultural events hosted at TAFE campuses in NSW, Australia.

The aim of these multicultural events was to breakdown cultural stereotypes.

Why a Cultural Diversity Day?

This day is an opportunity to break down cultural myths, barriers & stereotypes on campus and facilitate a sense of community on campus.

It is a celebration of tolerance, respect, harmony and social inclusiveness. On the Wollongong campus alone there are approximately 80 nationalities and the best way to break down cultural stereotypes is to get to know people from diverse backgrounds.

World On Campus 09 – Celebrating Cultural Diversity

The event was a day of celebration that included an African Trade market run by current and past students, Indigenous stalls & activities, Live music & entertainment, Multicultural Food, a fashion Parade and a ‘Living Library’.

A ‘Living Library’ is a twist on a normal library- instead of borrowing a hardcover book you get the opportunity to borrow a ‘Living’ book in the form of a storyteller. These ‘living’ books have been recruited from campus to showcase diversity.

The Living library books will come from our diverse groups of students including people from Africa, Burma, India, a book called Rainbow, students with disabilities, young man’s story etc.

WOC '09

Representatives of the Boolarng Nangamai Aboriginal Art and Culture Studio